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eDaktik Presentations & MoodleMoot Global 2019

eDaktik is sponsor and presenter at the Moodlemoot Global 2019

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  • Poster Presentation "Connecting Moodle to course management systems - the professional way!" Click on the preview image to download the fullres PDF poster! More Information on CMS Interfaces.

  • Availability Condition IP for Moodle - Tue. 19.11.2019 1:50pm GLOBAL

    The Moodle core module quiz provides the functionality to limit access to a certain IP adress range. The new plugin "Availibility Condition IP" was created to provide this feature for ALL Moodle resources and activities. Multiple IP ranges can be set and named globally and uses locally with all modules supporting availability. It is very simple, yet very effective! The plugin will be published by at in December 2019. More Information on Availability Condition IP

  • eDaktik Reminder for Moodle - Wed. 20.11.2019 3:00 p.m. GLOBAL
    In corporate training like compliance, onboarding and safety instructions participants generally have to complete a Moodle course within a specific timeframe relative to coursestart, enrolmentstart or enrolment enddates. Additionally there is no personal tutoring and new participants are added to the cours cuntinuously. The new "Reminder" tool conditional automatic messaging provides a solution for scheduling and sending individual reminder messages at course level including custom text with dynamic placeholders(e.g. name, course,...). There is an extensive set of filters (groups, timeframe, condition to send - course competion, course access,...) a reporting to supervisors/trainers of the course and logging of messages sent. The plugin will be published by at in January 2019. More Information on eDaktik Reminder for Moodle

NEU: eDaktik Moodle AcademyFIVE Schnittstelle

eDaktik hat gemeinsam mit der Firma Simovative eine Schnittstelle zwischen dem Campusmanagementsystem academyFIVE und Moodle entwickelt. Diese ermöglicht die Usersynchronisation, Kurssynchronisation bezügliche Einschreibung und das übertragen von Bewertungen aus Moodle zurück nach academyFIVE! Das Plugin wird im Rahmen des Simovative Kundentreffens am 05.11.2019 vorgestellt und steht ab sofort zur Verfügung -  bei Interesse kontaktieren Sie uns gerne direkt!



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