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Connecting Moodle to course management systems

The professional way

Moodle provides several core functions to connect to course management systems in order to receive user and course enrolment information in a fully automatic way.

In several usecases fully automatic is not enough to cover the organisational processes!

What if teachers or trainers shall be able to create their courses in a self service interface, selecting templates bound to their topics? Check out  eDaktik BFI Connect solution!

What if there shall be fully automatic enrolments, yet only for a subset of courses on a rolling timeframe with the option to check synchronisation with a "timemachine" like feature? Check out eDaktik  MOMOS solution!

What if there shall be enrolments based on course series with different faculty locations and several Moodle instances connected to one campus management?  Check out  eDaktik academyFIVE solution!
What if there shall be flexible self creation of courses based on enrolment groups with the option to join and seperate courses based on groups? Check out eDaktik FHNWCH solution!

What if your company‘s HR structure is provided via nested Active Directory groups and you want to sync it to Moodle cohorts? Check out eDaktik Kapsch solution!

eDaktik is the Austrian Moodle Partner and provides custom built solutions for all these scenarios showing how the modular approach of Moodle makes it possible to provide smart and cost effective solutions for complex requirements in university and business context.

Feel free to contact us anytime to find out more and get free initial consulting for your SMART Moodle solution by eDaktik!


Campus Online - Oracle DB

Custom Moodle Plugin „MOMOS” Custom Dashboard Block Function:    Link CMS and Moodle courses, update course- and activity dates, update user enrolments, set automatic synchronisation via cron at course level, set course visibility.

Trigger synchronisation manually, batch status changes for courses, run timemachine for simulation or even triggering of past or future tasks, extensive logging, traffic light visualisation (green, orange, red) of current tasks,...


Active Directory + Kapsch EDP

LDAP connection, Custom Moodle Plugin „Ldap Cohortsync”, Custom Webservices

Create Moodle cohorts based on AD/LDAP groups, subgroups and group fullnames from EDP. Sync via scheduled task.


academyFIVE by

Custom Moodle Plugins „locale_ac5 and enrol_ac5”, Custom Webservices

Link several Moodle instances to one CMS, autocreate courses and course categories, enrol users, assign roles, define visibility, return grades. Create users with Manual or LDAP accounts, ...


Fachhochschule Nord West Schweiz

Evento CMS

Custom Moodle Plugin „local_evento, enrol_evento”, Custom Webservices

Self service course creation in Moodle based on different course structures (series,  groups,...), joining and splitting of courses and groups, synchronisation of user  enrolment,...

BFI Connect

Custom CMS + MS Navision

Intermediate Database, Custom Moodle Plugin „BFI Connect”, Custom Webservices

Course creation, course template selection, synced user enrolment, Moodle account creation, user welcome messages,...

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